Friday, June 6, 2008

hawaiian birthday party

may31,08. happy happy birthday therese! she had her late celebration for her birthday because her real birthday is may28. because of being a lasallian, she already have her classes on her birthday so she decided to have the party on that weekend.

it was my first time to attend a hawaiian birthday party and it was so fun. i missed my barkada since elementary namely, jamie, bea, pamela and the birthday girl therese. i remember, i last saw them two years ago.

now we already have contacts, we are looking forward for more gimmicks to come! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

happy 16th birthday isaiah ♥

may 21, 08. woke up 11am, took a bath then straight to glorietta to buy him his birthday cake. we met at parksquare1 at dragon wok because we would be eating our lunch there together with his family, his bro's gf and his bestfriend. they ordered like it would be our meal for the whole day, so much that all of us were so full. after we ate our lunch, we stayed at parksquare because there are random magicians-tricksters selling their materials. it was so fun watching those tricks because they were really amazing.

then, we went to cash&carry. definitely my first time there. borja arrived then carlos left. we decided to go to star city. isaiah&pau, lara&kevs, trisha, anton, and borja. we got loads of fun during the rides. we rode all the breathtaking roller coasters and rides. yes, i do love amusement parks. i actually visited different kinds of amusement parks around the world, including two disneylands. i feel so good that i conviced them to ride, even though they feel so dizzy after each ride, at least i cant call them kill joy. we ate dinner at tropical hut then they sent me home. got home at 9pm.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

lover-brother bonding ♥

may 16, 08. when i woke up, isaiah was on his way to my home so i hurried up and took a bath before he saw me on my pajamas. when he arrived, i was still taking a bath so he played ps2 with my brother. they were really happy together. after i took a bath, i asked him to accompany me to the commercial market near us to buy us lunch, Andoks.

*just a sharing about my family, we acctually dont cook food. we only buy cooked food since a year ago when our maid, with fake Tuberculosis, left us. so we buy cooked food, sometimes from the canteen of my mom's office and sometimes fast food. hell yes, the motto of my family is: better spend than get tired.

okay, after we ate our lunch, we watched a scary movie. One Missed Call. the funny thing is, my brother is such a scaredass not brave enough to watch scary scenes with scary music. isaiah, being a teasey-missey brother, got all the pillows he used covering his face. so manvil didnt kno what to do so he carried our large bean bag and he used it to cover his big body.

after the movie, i decided to cook merienda. so long sweet spaghetti. they watched me cook while isaiah and manvil joined forces to let our dog eat uncooked noodles. they were so happy, i swear. after i cook, we all ate again and isaiah got so full because my spaghetti was so good. isaiah washed the dishes after we eat because he want to. he wont let me on the way.

we also played ps2, the Warriors and it was so fun including those brutal parts. we also played piggy back rides, and isaiah was so strong because he was able to carry me wether it's piggy back or front ride. we also watched wheel of fortune with tempura snacks. then we decided to play hide and seek! we turned off all the lights and it was so fun. playing hide and seek in a dark place after watching a scary movie was hell lot of fun.

then my mom arrived and time to go home for isaiah. it's already late and there would be a storm. so we bid ourselves goodbye looking forward to next times. we had so much fun and love.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

5th monthsarry ♥

we met at mmc like 10-ish in the morning. he accompanied me because i have to go to school for uniform fitting and id picture. after that, the bus took us to glorietta then played basketball at timezone.

first he bought our movie tickets at g4 then went to food choices to eat, reyes bbq, it's our favorite! totally delicious food, we ate boneless chicken bbq, as always. heaven in every spoonful, i swear. we ordered two extra rice and four more bbq sauce. we both enjoy eating, the only difference is that he wants to be fat and i dont.

we watched "When Love Begins" after we ate our lunch. watching love stories with the hands of my loved one wrapped around me is considered one of the best moments in my life. we dont know why we decided to watch that movie, i think we just want to feel again the butterflies and chills like when we first met. i know im getting corny but that's really it!

after the movie, we just walked around and settled at powerbooks. we found a book of facts and we find it so funny. anyway, we bought our usual merienda which are grande zagu and potato corner fries. he sent me home safely. i really experience so much fun when im with him. again, happy monthsarry to us!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


may 5,08. i enrolled at REMEDIOS TRINIDAD ROMUALDEZ MEMORIAL SCHOOL of nursing, also known as MAKATI MEDICAL CENTER because of it's hospital. i'll be taking up BS NURSING because i want to.

i passed Educational Psychology at De LaSalle University and Occupational Therapy at University of Sto. Thomas. almost all of my friends expected me to study at UST because since then, it was really my dream school. I'm not blogging about this shit because i regret enrolling at RTRMS- no i really don't.

i really made up my mind to take up nursing and i have my advantages being an american citizen. after four years of college, nursing students like me who would like to work abroad would never be that easy. there are lots of examinations, pay-ups and the need of two years experience. me, being an american citizen can go to U.S. after graduation, take my state board exam, and if i passed, i can be a REGISTERED NURSE in an instant.

being a registered nurse in the U.S. earns bucks of hugeass DOLLARS, and i tell you, i'm excited to be rich. i dream, and you can't do anything about it.

here's the story. i enrolled at RTRMS at eight-ish in the morning together with my half, isaiah. i saw kish, trixie and paul- my soon to be classmates. we are FRESHMEN SECTION A and we have the whole tuesday for chemisty.

after we enroll, isaiah invited me to his home and we ate lunch. i loved their adobo so much. we played wii and i loved it too. we prepared coffee jelly shakes and cheese egg for merienda and t'was so delicious. then, we stayed at his room talked about sweet stuffs and the future BLABLABLABLA.

we went to glorietta like five-ish in the afternoon, bought our favorite caramel gulaman and potato corner bbq fries. while on the line, a woman spoke to me suddenly. she asked me "ugh ikaw ba yung sa cd?" with a nervous shy voice. i was like "uhh anu pong cd?" with the pigil-tawa effect. then she went away when she realized that she was ten times embarassed infront of us. isaiah laughed and laughed quite sceaming "girlfriend ko to!" with super-tawa effect. after that, he sent me home. totally happy day.

iron man

may 3,08

3:00-4:30pm- dentist appointment
4:30-5:00pm- went home, dressed up
5:00-6:00pm- saturday family mass
6:00-8:00pm- dinner at Burger King
8:00-10:40pm- IRON MAN movie at g4
10:40-11:00pm- pizza hut global city

iron man is COOOL and a MUST WATCH.

volleyball ♥

may 2,08. i missed my summer-forever sport. after 2consecutive months of no volleyball, here we are again at Colegio de Sta. Rosa to play our game. we were so hyper and had a lot of fun together with the "get low" song during our play.

isaiah came over to watch me play but as the rule of the school, NO OUTSIDERS, he wasn't able to come inside. he waited for an hour and i feel so guilty because i can't attend to him outside because we play with exact players and if i do that, there would be a delay for our game and it would also probably add to the time he'll wait.

after the training together with CSR trainees, coach danny, and us, CSR alumni volleyball team, i washed-up-dressed-up fast enough to see him. i thought he's gonna be mad but guess what, he brought DUNKIN' DONUTS for me and my teamates, so sweet.

we went to glorietta afterwards, drank our favorite caramel gulaman and NEW YORK FRIES AND DIPS giant. we stayed at greenbelt then zagu before going home.